Pisui Three25 DEF Dispensing Unit

Piusi Three25 DEF Dispensing Unit
User Manual

Discover a new dimension of fluid handling with the Piusi Three25. Created to ensure optimum durability and efficiency, the Piusi Three25 administers a 32.5% urea solution that is protected by our 3D DEF filter which prevents the contamination of your DEF and in turn allows for an increased life of the catalyst.

This newly designed kit features our latest SB 325 nozzle with break-away stainless steel spout, revolutionary AdBlue 3D DEF filter, original Piusi Dispense Coupler PDC and more! With a fortified new mounting bracket and updates such as a crimped DEF hose, this kit brings a whole new way to dispense DEF.

The Piusi Three25 is equipped with the SB 325 automatic nozzle. The new nozzle features a sleek, innovative tecnhopolymer design that is reliable, ergonomic, and has a flexible shell that protects it from weathering and UV radiation. The SB 325 nozzle is also available with a built-in electronic turbine meter. The spout is used in conjunction with our Piusi Magnetic adaptor to prevent a potential mis-fill. If the magnetic adapter is not in that allocated tank then the nozzle will not engage. Safety is also guaranteed by the break-away system. In the event that a vehicle accidentally drives away with the nozzle still in the tank, the spout is designed to detach from the nozzle. This system allows for a quick repair by merely fitting a new spout on the nozzle.

Features & Benefits
  • 7-9 gpm
  • 120/60
  • 1700 rpm
  • 370 watts
  • Automatic Nozzle
  • 20 Foot Hose
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