Clay and Bailey Emergency Vents

Specification Sheet

Features: Buna N O Ring - provides vapor tight seal. Spring actuated-assures accurate opening pressure. All aluminum construction, lightweight for easy handling and installation. No rust issues from scratches or weathering Pressure relief set at 0.5 PSI, full open at 2.5PSI. Clay & Bailey vents can be used in a variety of above ground storage tank equipment installations where reliable fuel handling petroleum equipment is required.
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SKU: Size Relief ThreadsPrice Quantity
EMV32448M 3 in. 8 oz. Male $73.00
EMV62448M 6 in. 8 oz. Male $132.96
EMV82448M 8 in. 8 oz. Male $250.60
EMV42448M 4 in. 8 oz. Male $86.70