Def Rotary Hand Pump Kit

DEF Rotary Hand Pump
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The new Piusi DEF Rotary Hand pump is the first hand pump to be specifically designed for use with DEF! It incorporates a check valve and spring-loaded vanes to always maintain prime, while also eliminating a siphon effect. This hand pump can be securely orientated in any position, and is designed to eliminate oscillation while in use. This along with a stainless steel body multiplies its longevity!

Features & Benefits
  • Specifically designed for use with DEF/Adblue
  • Check valve to eliminate contamination & eliminate siphon effect
  • Two spring-loaded vanes to ensure high suction capabilities
  • Superior test rating of 250,000 gallons without maintenance
  • Rigid tooth spin collar to rotate and maintain orientation
  • Allows for transfer to another tank without spilling fluid in system
  • Down tube with 4 bending sections to accommodate various tank sizes
  • Ergonomic crank design to accommodate easy rotation
  • Stainless steel body to ensure longevity
  • Optional 3D DEF Filter available
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