SuzzaraBlue DEF 120V Basic Dispensing Kit

Piusi 120V DEF Dispensing Kit
Spec Sheet

The SuzzaraBlue all-purpose dispensing kit is designed for easy management and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) dispensing. The SuzzaraBlue includes a self-priming membrane pump that has no need for a dynamic seal, which reduces the need for maintenance.
This kit includes an automatic nozzle and an accurate meter that displays the quantity dispensed.
We have also incorporated a safety shut-down timer into all of our 120V SuzzaraBlue membrane pumps. This feature automatically shuts down the pump after it has been running for 6.5 minutes. This safety precaution prevents users from accidentally leaving the pump running after its duty cycle.
The SuzzaraBlue can be mounted to drums, IBC totes, Vertical Bulk Tank Systems, and Horizontal Poly Tank Systems.

Features & Benefits
  • 120/60
  • Manual Nozzle
  • 20ft Hose
  • 4ft Suction Hose
  • 20 minute duty cycle
  • Max Pressure 24.65psi
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