Krueger D-2 At A Glance Gauges

D-2 Gauge Manual

The At-A-Glance Type D-2 Liquid Level Gauge is a reliable, swing arm type tank gauge used for measuring all types of liquid levels. This sight gauges simple mechanical design promotes durability, minimal upkeep, quick installation, and easy/inexpensive repairs.
  • Category: Gauges
  • Brand: Krueger
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SKU: Flange Size
Tank TypePrice Quantity
GD238 2in 38in Horizontal $28.00
GD224 2in 24in Horizontal $28.00
GD275 2in 275 Gal Basement $28.00
GD2455 2in 45.5in Horizontal $28.00
GD264 2in 64in Horizontal $36.00
GD248 2in 48in Horizontal $26.75
GD232 2in 32in Horizontal $28.00
GD260 2in 60in Horizontal $40.00
GD230 2in 30in Horizontal $28.00