OPW Tank Alarm Box 144TA

Specification Sheet

The OPW AST remote Four Signal Tank Alarm is designed to sense up to four different liquid levels or other signals using just one device.This model is for single tank use.

The OPW 144TA Tank Alarm is designed for liquid level sensing.

Features & Benefits
  • (optional) Up to four alarm signals (444TA) - That can be used for high or low liquid level sensing, interstitial monitoring, and/or other signals in one to four separate tanks.
  • Self-powered - Lithium battery with a 10-year shelf life for long service life.
  • Audible Alarm - Sounds a 90-decibel alarm at 4 feet away.
  • Visual Notifications - Red alarm light will flash during use for notification to the user. Low battery light indicates when battery needs replacing.
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction - Petroleum and environmental resistant housing and all stainless steel pipe fitting ensure a long product life.
  • Product / Alarm Identification Label - Located on top of the alarm for quick and easy identification, allowing you to correspond alarms to signals. Label has a protective covering.
  • Intrinsically Safe - Complies with ANSI/UL 913 for Class 1, Division 1 & 2 for Groups C & D hazardous locations.
  • Cold Weather Resistant - All components are safe for temperatures down to -40deg F operation and up to 120deg F.
  • Long Life Lithium Battery - Self-powered by a Lithium battery which includes a 10-year shelf life to ensure peace of mind for the owner.
  • Easy Installation - Requires no calibration and installs easily into a 1in tank bung. May be assembled remotely or directly on top of tank.

  • Materials
    Enclosure: polybutylene terephthalate
    Wire Grommet: nylon w/ buna seal
    Float Switch: closed cell buna float & stainless steel rod
    Pipe: stainless steel
    Tank Adaptor: aluminum hardcoat anodized
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