Containment Dike

300 Gal Drawing

550 Gal Drawing

A Containment Dike can further your investment in your new or existing single-wall tanks by providing you with an economical secondary containment. Containment Dikes can be a solution for SPCC requirements for fuel storage tanks and provide the ease of visual leak detection. Containment Dikes are sized to contain minimum 110% secondary containment of the tank. Containments are constructed on sturdy I-beam supports and come standard with one coat of gray primer. Optional industrial enamel colors: gray, white, red, black and aluminum
  • Category: Spill Containment
  • Brand: Newberry
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SKU: Dimensions CapacityPrice Quantity
NB00550CNT072022 96x72x22 605 Gallons, for 550 Gallon Tank $1,254.10
NB00300CNT04820 80x48x20 330 Gallons, for 300 Gallon Tank $1,225.70