42" Sump Collar

Product Sheet

Compatible Tanks

Compatible Tanks

Product Summary
Fiberglass Tank Collars are the most reliable method of tank sump installation. This 42" fiberglass tank collar can be installed directly onto fiberglass, steel, and jacketed underground tanks. Price includes installation on our Permatanks and ACT-100 Tanks.

Features & Benefits
  • Universal Design- The tank sump can be installed with a traditional fiberglass kit, or it can be installed with an epoxy kit, making a water-tight seal as easy as a single pour.
  • Rigid Construction- Made from UL listed Isophthalic fiberglass with a thick sidewall construction. The collar will provide a sturdy mount while personnel enter and exit the tank sump.
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    SKU: Tank DiameterPrice Quantity
    NBSUMPRING96 96" $750.00
    NBSUMPRING120 120" $849.00
    NBSUMPRING64 64" $650.00