Delta L Steel Transfer Tanks

Features & Benefits
  • 14-gauge steel construction for long-term durability
  • Durable White Finish
  • Built-In Lifting Rings to Assist with Lifting and Moving An Empty Tank
  • Lockable Filler Cap and Coupler
  • 2" NPT Reinforced Bungs
  • Safety Fill Capacity Allows Space for the Contents to Expand in Warm Weather
  • Heavy Duty Brackets to Secure the Tank to the Truck Bed
  • Center Baffles add Extra Strength and Control Flow of Contents

    The Safety Fill Capacity is the Minimum capacity of the tank when filled to the bottom of the Bung Fill Tube, not the maximum capacity of the tank. There is a safety reserve to allow for expansion of the contents in warm weather. Tanks are made to order, Please allow 8 to 10 Days Lead for Manufacturing & Shipping
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SKU: Dimensions Fill Capacity ModelPrice Quantity
DELTAL76 46"x25"x31" L Shape 76 Gallons 488000 $575.00
DELTAR100 45.63"x24"x23.25" Rectangular 96 Gallons 484000 $600.00
DELTAL110 54"x 31"x 25" L Shape 100 Gallons 480000 $690.00